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From agriculture to the tourism industry


Before the advent of tourism at San Teodoro d'Ovvidde, people relied primarily on agriculture and livestock in the broad valley of the district. Grains and cereal, but also great gardens and orchards, livestock and fish taken from the rivers, the sea and the lagoon, crafts like woodwork, blacksmithing and weaving formed the basis of the economy. Other important resources for the Teodorian territory were, as always, the fish taken from the great San Teodoro lagoon. Entire generations of Teodorians have enjoyed the variety of fish from the pool: eels, mullet and sea bass among many others. Today the pool at San Teodoro is, like then, organized in business-like fashion and offers fish and “fruit of the sea” of superior quality all year 'round.
While not being able to afford luxurious spending sprees, the Teodorians of the time stubbornly made it through hardships and thus lived with dignity in the simplicity of a land without great wealth.
The 1960's bore witness to the principle of an evolution that still goes on today: the territory and the resources of the landscape and environment became the heroes of the renewal, preventing the exploitation of the Earth. Thus the tourism industry was born, built by the master carpenters and joiners whose own artisanal woodworking shops are now a part of it. Attentive designers have been able to build structures softened by the subtle forms of the natural local materials like native stone and granite in the well proportioned and pleasant gardens.
Today San Teodoro offers tourists all types of commercial activity: traditional pastry shops and fresh food, hotels and accommodations of the highest quality and efficiency with roots deeply planted in the local territory.

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