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Coda Cavallo Cape


Get there by driving north up highway 125 towards San Teodoro - Olbia, then turn right at the fork in the road at Lutturai.
Skillfully carved by the Ostro and the Scirocco, this extreme offshoot of land stretches towards the Tyrrhenian Sea and overlooks the islands of Proratora, Molara and Tavolara. The beach of Capo Coda Cavallo as well as the beautiful scenery offered by the profile of the islands, boasts clear water and fine sand immersed in Mediterranean bushes. A few minutes' walk leads to the vantage point overlooking the whole expanse of water bordered by the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo. That same vantage point is home to well-preserved military structures dating back to World War II, strategically important for the sighting of the Allied air forces using equipment such as the famous aerophone (a rudimentary radar-based amplification of the sounds produced by aircraft engines).

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