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 ACTIVE HOLIDAY    _Horse riding

Riding along the lagoon or the Mount Nieddu


An excellent opportunity to visit the Gallurian countryside in perfect harmony with the natural surrounding, away from busy streets and away from the noise of the city. A horse can easily get to otherwise inaccessible sites of total relaxation and silence in the shady woods, near the valleys of the mountains which overlook the plain of San Teodoro, sweeping the eyes on the coast north to Tavolara and Molara, south to Budoni and Posada.
Step and trot along the beach at La Cinta, extremely suggestive in terms of landscape and facing the dazzling wilderness of the great lagoon of San Teodoro.
Other excursion by horse is one that allows you to visit the Mount Nieddu, wild, severe and very enchanting with its rocks (carved by atmospheric agents), vegetation, fauna and flora, natural waterfalls (8 km from the wellspring) and the breathtaking panoramic viewpoint.
In San Teodoro are three stables at which experienced riders and beginners can safely enjoy the guided tours... competent instructors are also at your disposal for riding lessons customized for children and pony trekking are provided for a joyful first approach to the equestrian sports.

Horseback riding centers:
Maneggio La Cinta, Loc. La Cinta, Tel. +39 0784/851007, +39 338/8228984, +39 348/7292430,
Tenuta Le Terre 1927 Country House, Loc. Schifoni, Tel: +39 0784/841020, +39 334/7831686,
Natura Viva, Loc. Budditogliu. Tel: +39 349.4073218, +39 349.1542053,

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