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 Here is the list of the events
09 August 2016

Here is the list of events in San Teodoro.
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 'Musica in crescendo' 2016
25 July 2016

Wednesday 17th August, 09:30 p.m., by the city theatre. Chamber Concert by Ars Musicandi Ensamble in 'Le 4 stagioni' by Vivaldi
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 Canti Littranghi 2016
18 July 2016

Friday 26th August, 09:30 Piazza Mediterraneo. Book launch 'Maria di Isili' by Cristian Mannu
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 San Teodoro Beach Bus 2016
12 July 2016

The San Teodoro beach bus, from 18th June to 15th September to discover the most beautiful beaches
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 The Teodorino Train 2016
11 July 2016

The Teodorino Train, managed by the Tuvoni Agency, is a small train that make a nice tour of the city.
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 The Small evening market
01 June 2016

Everyday from 06:00 to 11:30 p.m
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 Public opening of the San Teodoro Tourist Office
25 April 2016

The San Teodoro Tourist Office opens: everyday from 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. from 03:00 p.m. to 09.30 p.m.
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25 April 2016

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01 June 2015

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05 May 2015

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28 October 2014

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14 August 2014

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 San Teodoro: first in PaesiOnline
06 April 2014

The municipality of San Teodoro gets the recognition of locations 'Sun and Sea' Holiday Top Rated users of PaesiOnLine (
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 Simona Madonna: pottery lessons
29 March 2014

Simona Madonna, in collaboration with the Cultural Association Ehnance, presents and organizes pottery classes and painting.
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 Lu Impostu among the most beautiful beaches in Italy
22 March 2014

The Sardinian beaches, including Lu Impostu of San Teodoro, in the ranking of the most beautiful in Italy for 2014 traveller's choice Tripadvisor!
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