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The city center


San Teodoro was born and developed around its church, dating from the nineteenth century, in honor of the holy martyr Teodoro Amasea. This is what was once the main venue for the Teodorian community, an important and truly living spot that has remained until today!
Until the early '70s, the square was known by the curious nickname as Piazza of Deputies from the fact that the modern market has always hosted a spontaneous form of assembly of citizens (metaphorically, the Deputies), interested in discussing and commenting on life and the everyday problems of their world.
Like any city center, observed in its original vivid distinctness of the vital center of a community, the center of San Teodoro preserves important historical traits that shaped the identity of the lively traditional rural model of Gallura. Considered as an urban center, it is not that much different from that of its origins: the church, palazzi and other buildings around it still preserve the appearance and architectural features typical of our portion of Gallura.
A careful observer will not miss such details as the bezel wrought iron with the initials on the door of some houses in the center, or the typical balcony supported by elements in granite reef, or the gabled roofs already in use at the sheepfold. Some particularly sensitive citizens, with an admirable sense of harmony and cultural belonging, were able to renovate the downtown area respecting and enhancing the original architectural styling elements. During summer evenings, the center is closed to traffic, becoming the an entirely pedestrian area ... dresses and evening lights to offer to visitors and give them intense moments of carefree lightness, and for those who prefer the quiet and dim lights, a piano bar, shopping or a simple walk outdoors, or people wishing to live the night at full speed in the many nightclubs. In downtown there is any kind of service that you need open until late at night from the restaurant at the brewery, the tourist information office or even the hairdresser!
The evening in San Teodoro is enjoyed just so... savoring the smells of the center of its vital center: live music, entertainment, friendly people and the color of the now famous and popular crafts market that fill the summer evenings and enrich the already considerable wealth of great environmental beauty that make your vacation in San Teodoro.

A walk downtown
The evening stroll downtown certainly offers the pleasures of an encounter after a day at the beach, but pubs and restaurants and sushi bars for dinner, wine bars and ice cream shops for all tastes after dinner, and later the nightclub and the nightlife scene, very popular and well known throughout the coast.

The evening market
On the streets of downtown for the past twenty years is the summer evening craft market, where, between curiosities and articles of every material and color, you will definitely find a souvenir of your vacation in San Teodoro. The shopping continues along the bright windows of many businesses that remain open until late at night.

The mural of Luigi Castiglioni
The famous fish darting on the large wall frescoes in downtown San Teodoro give a glimpse of colorful, playful surrealism to the town. The artist Luigi Castiglioni, a well-known illustrator and painter of the avant-garde in Europe and the United States, gave to his community a mural about thirty years ago, inspired by the hues and colors of our coasts and the brilliant and bright seabed.
The work has already undergone an early restoration some years ago, but today we talk about a project for the complete recovery of the fresco, which aims to return it full force to the fantastic seascape of its never forgotten author, a true friend of San Teodoro.

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