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Our little mountain


The mountain in San Teodoro called Nieddu Mountain, whose highest peak, Punta Magghjóri, lies at 3,182 feet above sea level. The granite massif of Mount Nieddu is protected by the Sardinia Regional Law No. 31/1989 establishing the areas of special natural and environmental significance.

Nieddu mountain overlooks the plain of San Teodoro and part of the coast of Gallura ... it represents an extraordinary opportunity for quality eco-tourism for lovers of trekking between waterfalls and natural pools on the ancient path of coal miners or a mountain bike path loop. Monte Nieddu will fascinate you at every step: forests of oaks and cork trees, spectacular waterfalls, granite pinnacles shaped by the mistral wind, but above all a truly impressive view.
The silence of the mountains, the peace of nature, the ancient civilization of the pens crumbling amidst the vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis, the evolution of the falcon along the steep gorges... the holiday never fails to amaze.

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