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Diving and snorkeling


The sea has for some years from the inception of the Marine Protected Area, is the scene today of an ongoing recovery of marine species and the sea floor, so the dive is more valuable, especially with the support of numerous diving centers and authorized by the managing body of the Marine Park, from whom it is possible to obtain the permit.
There are many surveyed and equipped spots for scuba diving, underwater landscapes highly attractive in terms of quality of the bottom, near shipwrecks or natural beauty including huge schools of barracuda or grouper floating calm and unperturbed by the presence of the sub. Snorkeling is allowed without any restriction an is free everywhere ... even without special equipment you can enjoy the solemnity of an immersion in Marine Area.

San Teodoro’s Diving Center:
Aquarius, Coda Cavallo (Vill. Le Farfalle), Tel: +39 0784/834124, +39 333/2355166
Atmosphere, San Teodoro,Via Telti n° 10, Tel: +39 339/6419280,
Blu infinito, Loc. Salina Bamba, Tel: +39 335/7217571, +39 349/6564921 -
Karibu, Via Cala d’Ambra (c/o Hotel Bungalow), Tel: +39 0784/865786, +39 329/9290041.
Natalibera, Via del Tirreno, Tel: +39 347/3127406, +39 339/6907767. Sito:
San Teodoro’s diving center have the whole scuba diving equipment such as compressors, air supply valve, oxygen bottle and wet suit for men and women. There are even appropriate wet suit and equipment for youngsters. The diving centers members of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) supports their customers with didactic materials for the fulfillment of their professional activities.

And the fishing?
The Marine Park, in which almost all the coastline is included in San Teodoro, understandably puts restrictions on fishing. More specifically the discipline of the Marine Park allows fishing only in Zone C (partially reserved area of the Marine Park), including pole and line and standing up in a trolling boat. Spear fishing or other diving methods are not allowed, so always refer to the rules of the Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area.

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