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The beaches


Undisputed environmental patrimony in the Sardinian interior of Italy, the beaches of San Teodoro continue for all 23 miles of coastline, running between granite cliffs of rare beauty and soft stretches of the finest, whitest sand, often together with wetlands of the greatest naturalistic interest. Without any beach or bathing fees, all the beaches are completely free; of the 12 principal beaches of San Teodoro, three can be reached easily from the city center: La Cinta Beach, Cala D'Ambra Beach and Isuledda Beach. Considering the notable number of outlets to the sea it's not difficult to find a beach or cove sheltered from the prevailing winds, of which the largest and most organized up to the isolated blocks can be reached by small trails or even by sea.
Practically all the beaches in San Teodoro boast fine sand and shallow water and the absence of sea creatures threatening to humans... the ideal place for families with children. Remember however that the beaches and the sea are to be respected; for this reason some of the more popular areas have wooden fences in place to help replenish sand dunes and endemic plant species. In the spirit of the environmental vanguard, along the coast the respect of certain rules is obligatory and they are posted in several languages at the entrances to the beaches on signs which can be referred to for the Discipline of the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara – Coda Cavallo Point.
Also remember that what can sometimes seem like a deposit of brown algae from the shoreline is actually a very natural sediment consisting of the ribbon foliage of oceanic posidonia (this is not an alga but an aquatic plant), which constitutes a fundamental bio - indicator of coastal water quality: its presence is a guarantee of clean sea and a protected coastline! Try to imagine the magic and the pleasure of spending your holidays in a place of clear, transparent, water, picnic areas, ample parking and all support services for the whole family for bathing in complete safety.
San Teodoro and its beaches offer you all kinds of experiences that run from the simple warm caress of the sun in the cradle of a sea breeze, to the pure enjoyment of kite surfing, excursions, the rediscovery of the pleasure of simple bird watching among the numerous species of native water birds, to the unforgettable enchantment of the sun rising over the sea!
The beaches of San Teodoro are part of the natural reserve of the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara – Coda Cavallo Point, where the true investment is directed to the enhancement of the environment and to the guarantee of quality of the sea and of the services.
Enjoy the harmony and silence of the beaches of San Teodoro even in the low season... the show goes on even in periods of peace and quiet.





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