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Cala d'Ambra


Get there from the city center by taking the road to the east; it's easily reachable on foot. A long tree-lined path with benches and wide sidewalks (there is even a cast of the famous turtle rock of la Cala Girgolu) lead from the city center of Cala d'Ambra. It's a wide beach that fills teodorians with memories of seasons long past: during the twentieth century, ships loaded with coal from the mines of Monte Nieddu left what was needed for tourism at what is now known as Cala d'Ambra (not its original name), and then headed for distant shores.
Other place names on the coast of Cala d'Ambra are lu Calboni, lu Bagnu di l'Omini, or “the men's bath”, because once the beaches were separated based on sex, and Rattulongu.

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