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The Caddu Coast and Li Marini


Get there by driving down highway 125 towards San Teodoro - Olbia south, then turn left at the fork of the road at No. 1. Shoreline to the extreme south of the border area of San Teodoro (towards the town of Budoni) and Isuledda beyond the beach.
The marine area no longer exists so sport fishing and other maritime activities planned and regulated by national legislation are allowed. These are small sandy coves at times but rock and never too distressed by excessive use because of the long stretch of dirt road for access.
It's a good point for snorkeling, and in its immediate hinterland there's a dirt path which is very attractive to mountain bikers. On the dry stone wall delineating the border between the two towns, there are the remains of a small dolmen, an ancient type of tomb (the location is known as Lu Naracu).

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