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The watchpoint and the mouth of the pond


Get there by driving down highway 125 towards San Teodoro - Olbia north, then turn right towards the junction at the location Puntaldia, Lu Fraili.
It is accessible from the tourist village of Puntaldia which has a marina and a golf course with 9 holes, as well as hotel accommodations and residences of high quality. The name means the tip of the guard, from its obvious strategic and military significance. The coastline of the Punta Aldia, interspersed with a brilliant Mediterranean, is contiguous with the beach to the north and south with the Lu Impostu, La Cinta beach, from which it is separated from the small mouth of the great lagoon of San Teodoro, called “the seal”. Just along the south side, through the beaten track between the rock formations, you can move from one cove to another.

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