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Hiking and mountain biking


Many bikers have been meeting in San Teodoro in the spring (a season very well suited for this type of sport, because the climate is more lenient) to test themselves in the tortuous paths of Mount Nieddu. Even during the low season, fans from San Teodoro and elsewhere meet at the mountain bike club in San Teodoro, organized along hiking trails that are all unique.
Lovers of walking, jogging and running will appreciate the paths and walkways of Monte Nieddu, that besides the intrinsic environmental value also offer a piece of history of San Teodoro: during the 1800's these were roads traveled by countless carts of charcoal from coal fired plants from what was once an incredibly dense forest. Up on the mountain the natural waterfalls and the lookout are unforgettable! To enjoy the mountain routes safely, either on foot or by bicycle, it is recommended to go with the support of professional guides.
If difficulty of some sections of Mount Nieddu are too much, hikers will enjoy the calm and the immense natural wealth of a walk in the paths of the lagoons of San Teodoro, from the large lagoon to the marsh behind the beach principal.

Excursion centers:
Sardinia By Bike, (mountain bike escursions) San Teodoro, Tel.: +39.338.7757563

Natalibera, (trekking, hiking and rock climbing) Via del Tirreno, Tel: +39 347/3127406, +39 339/6907767.

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